Nature and Painting have always been inseparable from one another. The combination of Painting and Photography with the aim of providing a sense and representing the nature in Art has always been my interest, which I follow with enthusiasm. In this series, I reflected my inner emotions and senses of nature in microscopic scale. I created imaginary landscapes in microscopic scale by using and mixing different color droplets. My intentions were not only to capture the landscapes created but also to explore the mysterious nature in an untouched way and in a smaller scale. In the photographs taken, I have shown that the nature has a singular format in all aspects of
life, which is closely related and internally connected.
As the series progressed, I also started to take photographs of the old and damaged family film negatives and celluloids. The recorded moments of life that were forgotten in the corner of a room found a new meaning under the microscope.

BY  Nazli Shahvagh (IR)

Art has been always her most interest since she was a kid. She started painting and photography when she was studying in art school. She has received her BFA and MFA in Painting from Faculty of Arts and Architecture, IAU, Tehran. In her artistic path, she has always been interested in experiencing new natural and industrial materials, seeking to create new atmospheres through mixing various media such as painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. The most prominent features of her works are blurring the lines between reality and imagination, depicting emotions and expressing her wanted or unwanted obsessions. Human beings, their influence on and being influenced by the world and their encounter with concepts and meanings related to physics and metaphysics are the issues addressed by the artist.