The episodes from The Surveillance Series created and produced by Dana Chis follow a number of people that live in a dystopian future, where they are under surveillance at all times.

The first episode illustrates a young woman trying to take a relaxing walk in the forest, but not long before she reaches the depths of the greenery, she is met with an array of surveillance devices.

The second episode is set in the year 2047 where a woman finds herself trapped into a dark room, surrounded by surveillance cameras.

Through this series, the creator aims to awaken the interest of a vast audience and create a movement to find out where exactly does the CCTV footage go, who has access to our private lives and how securely this information is stored.

Dana’s work has been concentrating around the technological advancements around the world and how it affects day to day life. The first short animation that she has created, “One New Notification”, has been a stepping ladder into the world of animation, as it has given her a voice and a purpose towards an issue faced by the society she lives in. Two of the animations that she created ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Annexation’ look at a similar societal problem that the world is facing- that of population control. She has a drive to create more impactful animations and hopefully to grab more people’s attention at the seemingly invisible threats that encompass them.