The digital image “End of the circle” asks the question of whether robots or humans will eventually rule the Earth. It depicts a world in which robots rule, but also acknowledges that these machines are the successors of human creativity and innovation. The image captures the essence of the ongoing debate about the evolution of technology and its potential impact on humanity. We must acknowledge the superiority of robots in terms of efficiency and precision, but we must also acknowledge the importance of the continuous improvement of technology for the survival of humanity. The message of the image is that we must not stop the development of technology, because that would accelerate our inevitable demise. Whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made catastrophe, our existence is exposed to countless potential threats. We must push the boundaries of technology and ensure that our creations enhance humanity, not displace it.

BY  brigitta kormondi (HU)

Brigitta Körmöndi is a self-taught digital artist from Hungary. When she creates images, she thinks about the world and art. She believes that artworks can create meaning, convey messages and decode. She feels that the power of art lies in its ability to preserve the best moments. A work of art can exist purely for pleasure, but he stands by those who believe that a work of art should communicate and express something. He feels that social phenomena in the form of crisis only become visible to the middle class when their own position is threatened. Unable to be so indifferent, he reflects on the world through his art, not only as a citizen but also as a human being. He believes the key to creativity lies in self-education after university. This is how he learned to see and interpret our society and the world in his own way.