“-Game description.

The game is a handmade runner where you are not even the protagonist. You are the process inside a memory transfer program that will save the protagonist. The protagonist is a very important person who leads the human revolution at year 2420 during the tyranny of the machines. In his last moments he decides not to die and try to pass his memories through the network of machines and live forever. Will he make it or he will become one of them?


-Correlation with the Theme of the Year.

I find my game quite awkward and mysterious as well as quite unique. I believe that uncanny can be used in different ways and my game is one of those ways.”

The festival is not responsible in case of damage caused by or during the installation of the game, as well as in case of the presence of a virus in the file associated with the game after its installation.

BY  Koloneros Nikolaos II (GR)

Nikolaos Koloneros is a Game Developer from Greece. Unfortunately he works as an indie for the time being. He holds a BsC Games Programming and Game Production Diploma, although he declares himself a Game Designer at heart. He tries to bring his ideas into reality although reality disappoints him. He prefers his free time to spend meaningful time with people and make game experiments which he usually enjoys.