Fluir (Flow) is a virtual reality video that seduces us, from the fog that covers the moorlands to the microscopic world that delights us with all the life that a single drop of water brings and it takes us through the torrential currents of rivers until we arrive to the sublime oceans. This experience invites us to experience virtual reality to see a reflection of ourselves in the water through a dancing body that turns into a metaphor, disintegrates, evaporates, becomes particles, moves with insatiable flow, melts into the landscape and becomes a body of water.

BY  Ecos Arte y Tecnologia Ecos Arte y Tecnologia (CO)

We research in the fields of art, science, biology, culture, literature and history to shape our own discourse in front of the central theme of each of our works in order to transmit it as a sensitive experience. We appropriate scientific knowledge to generate discussions about our reality based on sensory stimuli that captivate sight and hearing. We propose to use the media as tools to see ourselves reflected in the environment and to understand that before being cultural subjects, creators and transformers of the planet, we are inhabitants, like all other forms of life that surround us.