“Fragments” is a film about growing up and losing your imaginary friend in a world that calls back to one’s youth. The visuals are inspired by early 3D games on the Playstation 1 as well as real locations that serve as the inspiration for the environments in the film. An experimental 360 film featuring ambisonic audio. The project was made with a combination of Blender, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

BY  Riek-Jan Leyts (BE)

Riek-Jan Leyts is a 24 year old Belgian animation student of KASK Ghent. Having just finished his 3rd year with "Fragments" as his bachelor's project. He is very inspired by new technologies but also likes to pander to nostalgia and simplicity. He focusses currently on 3D and VR work but has done more traditional 2D animation in the past.