This artwork is an attempt to digitise the elements of choreographic procedure, which for the creator include design concept and synthesis. Hardly Virtual is drawing upon these three elements that can be executed without physical presence for both dancers and audience. The work is aparted by two interactive applications. The first allows the user to create a sequence, following content from a ready made catalogue of movements, and the second allows the creation of their own movements by altering parameters. The aforementioned catalogue includes moving content from the work of Dimitris Militilaios  “hardly the same: a dance guide to mess up body&mind”.


Hardly Virtual on a theoretical level attempts to bring forward the arbitrary nature which characterises the choreographic procedure  to come in terms with the problem of importance that oftenly these arbitrary decisions face. This way the artwork focuses on the interaction of the  artistic intention, object and perception, concluding more on reflecting upon both the  performative attention and care for intensive attendance.

BY  Dimitris Mytilinaios (GR)

Dimitris Mytilinaios has been active in the dance field since 2012. He is a graduate of the Greek National School of Dance and master “exerce” in Montpellier with a full scholarship from ONASSIS FOUNDATION (2016-18). Throughout his artistic trajectory he has collaborated, among others, with choreographers such as Yvonne Rainer and Iris Karayan, while he has been developing and presenting his own choreographic work. In 2020, within the frame of Artworks Fellowship he started composing his next piece. In the meantime, he collaborates with choreographers such as Lenio Kaklea, Mariela Nestora, Pat Catterson, Uri Shaffir. In 2018, with Nefeli Asteriou, he presented in ATHENS his first choreographic work, “hardly the same,” which in 2021 generates the digital work “hardly virtual.” Lately, he is busy with his current creation in which he applies a deconstructive method to ballet technique, and he starts a subversive collaboration with the noise-punk band Rita Mosss.