digitized human forms, are becoming thread-like creatures, existing in a dark space defined by a ghostly chaos. Artworks created with processing framework, with generative algorithms

Look Into My Eyes



The Dancer


BY  Myrto Amorgianou (GR)

She studied Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia (Greece) and she holds an MSc in Distributed Multimedia Systems (Leeds, UK). Extremely compelled by graphics and visuals, she likes to experiment with digital errors (glitches), databending, and creative coding. She works mainly on glitch-art and generative-art projects. She's also into digital photography and some of her artworks are based on her photos. Her projects involve: image glitch artworks, animated GIFs, interactive installations, video-art, generative design, digital photography. She's a featured artist in GIPHY - http://giphy.com/ruins-digitales/ and ello https://ello.co/digitalruins and member of the Glitch Artists Collective. She has participated in several exhibitions in Greece and abroad.