The short film “I am there for you“ by Sissi Ulmer is about an old man who has to spend his last hours in the hospital due to his corona disease. His daughter comes to visit him but he is too weak to talk back. She shows such strong empathy that they can communicate with their hearts and he remembers all the good memories in his life. Since the beginning of 2020, Sissi has had nothing else on her mind other than the pandemic. She thinks it is important that there is enough representation in the media about the sadness of the numerous individual cases in which families lose their loved ones. She drew about 300 frames and then cropped and set their time to 0,1 second individually, since she had no experience in animation nor the right computer program. The background music is a self-composed piece in C-Minor, which Sissi played on the piano.

BY  Sissi Ulmer (DE)

Sissi-Carlotta Ulmer, born 2002, is a student from near Stuttgart, Germany. She studies Media Economics at the HdM. She loves to write and published her second children’s book in 2017. In 2021 she discovered her love for making films and animated her debut short film “I am there for you“. In her free time she plays and composes piano pieces, which she used for the sound in the film. Generally, she loves to create art such as drawing, painting and sewing dresses. Now she is looking forward to making more short films in the future with the big longterm dream to become a famous movie creator one day.