Our memory is very fragile and we are easily forgotten about important parts of our existence. The artist in the video “Memories of the Present” wants to show and recall the spirit of the time. We start not reading, not seeing, not feeling. Data about our lives are written somewhere in the clouds. We can imagine them as virtual images with an infinite number in abstract space. Our thoughts and secrets are hidden in the virtual net. It is a visual meditation, a contrast between subtle visual and hypnotizing noise music. Last year was a challenge for everybody, there is a spirit of isolation. The woman’s identity remains secret at this time. We feel her existence, but we don’t see her face. At the end of the video she is in the wire of her memories. Slow motion of the video flow in infinite space. 3D animation shows the subtlety and fragility of the present. The video is inspired by the Baroque and its dramatic lighting in the drapery. Let our imagination grow, feel, dream, hypnotize, but don’t forget the Present.

BY  Beata Kolbasovska (SK)

Media artist from Slovakia, born in 1984. Her focus is site specific installation, A / V performance, vjing, video mapping, video installation, live visual elements, videoart. She is the co-founder of the visual collective Nano vjs, which creates experimental video / 3D mapping, live performances and collaborates with contemporary dancers, theaters, performers and musicians. In 2020, she collaborated with a Japanese sound artist on the international project of the UNESCO Creative Cities for Media Arts. She has collaborated and exhibited with various artists on several projects from Japan, France, Germany and worldwide. She performs in the audiovisual project Barcode djs, which was presented live in galleries, festivals and public spaces at Rapid Pulse Chicago, BLV-ART Bilbao, Worm Rotterdam, Trencín Hall, Nu dance fest Bratislava, Stuttgarter filmwinter Stuttgart, RMLL Beuvais , White Night Košice, Žižkov Night Prague, etc