How can we characterize the cinematic narrative, which is in a net based environment no longer tied to chronological sequences? How does actual information deform under the manipulating influence of the viewer? The web project JOURNEY TO THE PLANET OF NUCLEAR CHEWING GUM is formally based on experimental film, poetry texts and interactive net art, arranged in several layers. Digital images of different objects are assembled in the picture’s foreground and overlapping found and newly assorted footage. They can be rearranged randomly by drag and drop. Each movement of an object is linked to one individual sound snippet and a random subtitle. By interacting viewers create a strong varying narrative form which manifests in the space between text, image and film.

Vera Sebert has studied Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts Braunschweig and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2007- 2015) and Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (2015-2019). Her artistic works in the border areas of visual media, language, film, computer programs: Computer code allows the adaptation of all other media whose properties are imitated, fragmented, and reassembled in virtual space. The hybrid exposes the categorical separation between artistic image and text production and creates a space for experiments that explore the mesh of code, image, sound, and language in a digital environment. How does the user interface determine our idea of the interrelationship between body, language, and machine?