“Without associated representation, without stimuli and sensors, nothing can exist. If we are not here to observe, and if we are not equipped to do so, the reality is empty. So why can’t we imagine my representation. Τhe artists representation of a place, for a moment. An arbitrary representation. Without this representation there is nothing. The void. It is his interface with the void. He acts on it by perceiving it.
But in a partial way. Not continuous. With other voids. It is a representation of the void by voids and small stimuli. Stimuli on which I can act. And stimuli on which the exterior can act. The void distorts this representation of itself made of stimuli and voids. The void interprets the void”

BY  Maxime Houot Collectif coin (FR)

Maxime Houot works with Collectif Coin, an artistic laboratory based in Grenoble, France. He builds shows and installations which can be monumental or intimate. Committed to the production of trans-disciplinary work with particular focus on the digital arts, he mainly works with light, sound and the body.