SPHERE, is 1024’s latest audiovisual performance piece.
It premiered at MUTEK.ARGENTINA 2018. The show focuses on the geometrical form of the sphere, through all its different scales in nature. From quantum energy, through micro biology and up to planetary scale, the story of a form, and its related symbolics.
A journey from the early moments of the universe, to its final collapse. The music and its visual components are all generated live on stage, which turns each performance into a completely unique experience. Using audio triggers that are connected to shaders, a custom built framework generates particles that fluidly flock and form into visual patterns, based on a set of premises determined by the codes author, inspired by real-life-occurring natural forces. This experimental audiovisual performance materializes itself as a grand, largescale, immersive experience, that leaves the audience in awe.

BY  1024 architecture (FR)

1024 architecture is a creative studio founded in 2007 by Pier Schneider and François Wunschel. Breaking away from the notion of limits between disciplines, the studio focuses on spatial practices, digital technology, and visual effects to create unique artworks, installations, and performances.

1024 sees architecture and inhabited spaces as evolutive structures. The duo devises new and original experiences, accompanied by their associates and developers. Installations, stage design, visual arts, performances, and lighting structures are all ways of awakening our sensations, touching our bodies and memories. From one-day projects to perennial installations, 1024 designs unique artworks that interact with their environment.