This piece explores the way a body is remembered and then reproduced, digitalized and then replaced by its digital analogue inside our brains. In this chair harsh light covers my eyes. As I lay down, glimpses of moments arise from the bottom, bringing fragments of bodies that I have encountered. My original memories slowly sink and are being replaced by the images these people have sent me, or uploaded to their social media. In this way their skin, sweat and hair are constantly fade, while a new image is being reconstructed. Their physical body as a memory is shifting and transforming, into a new fragment made of pixels and digital limbs.


BY  Super Gonorrhea (GR)

George Ouzounis a.k.a ‘’Super Gonorrhea’’ is an architect and a 3D conceptual artist, currently living in Athens, Greece. His work encompasses different media such as 3D - Scanning, rendering, sculpting and video. His practise draws upon the contemporary notions of the post-human condition, new materialism feminism, trans-humanism, queer theory and ecology. Essentially it is centred around the post-human body, which is placed in between the artificial and the natural, in between nature and technology or simply between reality and a fantasy. In 2020 he received a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Technical University of Crete. Since then he has participated both in online and physical exhibitions showcasing his work.