Humanity is harmful, rageful, murderous, violent, grasping, jealous, greedy – all things [Yeong-he] doesn’t want to be. And so she defies us humans not only by becoming vegetarian, but by trying to become vegetation itself. She doesn’t want to stop living. She wanted to stop living like us.

– from Ilana Masad’s “The Vegetarian by Han Kang Tells a Dangerously Defiant Story” for The Guardian.

The true basis of life, culture and a future of beauty…is the land. In this sequential series of images, we see what it takes to give back to truly give back to the land. A transformation takes place. A transformation for revenge, a transformation for love and a transformation for the longevity of this planet. ‘I Transform for you’ is a bad trip for a good reason. Enter the breathing stomata and learn what it is to truly give yourself away.

BY  Josh Spindler (UK)

Josh Spindler is a multimedia artist from London. Since graduation from the Royal College of Art in 2016 he has been exhibited globally and was chosen to be part of CIRCA x DAZED Class of 2021 having work displayed on the biggest public screens in London, Tokyo and Seoul. Most recently he won a Bronze award for his film 'Seeking the Sun they found Oblivion' from the jury at Gallery Nat. His practice centres about making the Internet 'visible' and his research into physical Internet and how it has been affecting the climate crisis ever since its conception. Part of this comes in the form of a speculative future he has created that reoccurs throughout his work by using a full-spectrum camera and ultraviolet lens kit. Spindler takes the massive, sometimes incomprehensible subjects in his research, and applies them to narratives or fine art practices, to present them emotionally to his audience in the form of a warm warning.