A crash landing. An unknown and hostile planet where every step leads to a certain death. A space adventurer with no weapons but her intelligence and sheer will. Time runs out and dangers just get worse, but Karen Pringer won’t stop until she has accomplished her mission. She is an ellite soldier. She is a Mercury Corp.

BY  Jesus Guijarro (ES)

As a kid, Jesus Garcia Guijarro (Madrid, 1985) would’ve loved living in the New York sewers as a mutant ninja turtle, jumping over the roofs of Gotham dressed up as a masked vigilante or being the best friend of a giant iron robot as brave as Superman. Although he never stopped dreaming of making his own comicbook pages and cartoons, he ended up graduating as an Architect in Universidad Politécnica of Madrid when growing a beard was still fashionable. While studying Infoarchitecture, designing buildings in both Spain and Chili and cofounding the editorial services company Interrobang SE, he studied animation in ESDIP Escuela de Arte and started his career as animator and backgroun artist in its associated production company, ESDIP Animation Studio. Nowadays he still has a beard, he doesn’t design buildings anymore but he does design comics, children books and animation cinema and does his best in getting his ideas in motion as animation teacher and artist in ESDIP Animation Studio. Mercury Corp. is his first work as director.