This title was chosen because it depicts the six stages of the creation of heaven and earth before the creation of man on the seventh day. Outside of Rabbani’s writings, apocalyptic writings also refer to Merkabah’s mysticism. Writings found in the Dead Sea and newly discovered Jewish mystical writings address this issue. Merkabah’s writings provide a detailed description of the seven layers of paradise guarded by angels. The highest layer of heaven has seven stages, and in the highest stage is the Throne of God, which is surrounded by angels. The followers of Merkabah mysticism believed that they could ascend and ascend from these layers of paradise. It is not clear whether these ascension experiences have Jewish origins or non-Jewish sources. This work depicts the six days of the spiritual path in the discovery of creation before the seventh day.

BY  Mohammad Ali Famori (IR)

Mohammad Ali Famori is an award-winning Multidisciplinary Artist, Art Director and Curator with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. He has pursued his BA in Photography and a master’s degree in Cultural Management, specialised in spearheading exhibitions and creative projects including running the first glitch video art group exhibition in Iran. He has 10+ years experience in art directing, graphic design, photography and visual arts, as well as exhibiting his works in 28 international exhibitions including: “The Identity Architecture Exhibition” at Plaza Casanardi Gallery in Venice, Italy and “The Art Box” in Basel, Switzerland and a solo exhibition at Seyhoun Gallery in Tehran,Iran.