Naked Windows is an immersive 360-degree short film, a meta-work exploring and imagining the possible realities outside of the rectangular boxes presented in virtual meetings. In the video the audience occupies the role of a voyeur, invited by the artists to peer ‘backstage’ into their personal interior spaces while they engage in a virtual presentation. In this role, the audience must negotiate their own curiosity and voyeurism while exploring the boundaries between public and private, truth and fiction.

BY  Luke Conroy Anne Fehres (NL)

Luke Conroy (Australia, 1990) and Anne Fehres (The Netherlands, 1988) are a Netherlands-based multidisciplinary artist duo with a focus on projects that respond to their shared curiosity around the themes of identity, memory, history and the culture of everyday life. Working together since 2016, their work draws upon Luke’s background in visual-art, education and sociology (University of Tasmania, Australia) and Anne’s training in audio-visual design (Royal Art Academy of Ghent, Belgium).