What Took You So Long? is a 360 animated short created by faculty and students at the College of Media and Entertainment at the Middle Tennessee State University. The goal of the project is to tell a story of wonder, discovery, and appreciation for our planet from the honest perspective of a young child. In the story, a child discovers the magical things that we take for granted and shows us the planet’s simple beauty.

BY  Richard Lewis Rodrigo Gomez Claros (US)

Richard Lewis creates art that moves – both literally and figuratively. He has devoted his life to producing animation and visual effects that not only entertain, but also affect others in a positive way. For him, art is anything which goes beyond physical reality to become something new that affects and alters people’s lives, if only for a moment. Rodrigo Gómez Claros is a Hispanic artist born in Colombia who enjoys telling stories to help others be receptive to immigrants and their cultural backgrounds. He is a director and producer of animated content for preschoolers and is currently Assistant Professor of Animation at Middle Tennessee State University.