New Devonia is a non-narrative (without a story arc or narrative) ‘concept-umentary’ contrived with designs of challenging the constant need for conflict in mainstream media content and inspiring more non-narrative films without conflict. The peace-inducing nature that the film aims to achieve is intended to reduce stress and anxiety levels, functioning as a form of uplifting escapism without any negative effects. A world away from home, New Devonia is an immersive meditative experience like a moving painting or a candid moment experienced while looking through a window or people watching. In a world with so much information that at times it can be overwhelming, I invite you to take a short moment of refuge in my film.

BY  Kelly Mann, Skye Tati  (UK)

Kelly Mann – 2018 BA Animation Production graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth. Kelly loves 2D animation, especially tv shows rich with story and great attention to detail in their design. Heavily inspired by shows from her childhood, she is excited to join the children’s TV animation industry. Kelly enjoys learning languages and taking part in various martial arts in her spare time. There’s no-where else she’d rather be than in animation. Skye Tati is a BA Animation Production graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth, 2018/9. Specialising in illustrative concept art, Skye enjoys emotive imagery and science. Inspired by all forms of art from classicism to cartoons, Skye is excited to enter the world of illustration and animation. In their free time, Skye enjoys going on walks, observing nature and learning science.