In today’s modern society everyone is engulfed by their mobile devices and it is not perceived as a problem amongst people anymore. Therefore, this short animation aims to challenge viewer’s conception of mainstream social media content.

The ideation behind the visual imagery has been inspired by Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly. The meaning that comes with the use of the rotoscoped imagery stands behind the intention of enhancing the character’s opinion of himself and how different he sees himself from the rest of the world. This is also a way of unveiling the hypocrisy that has been strengthening the self-centrism of people through the means of social media.

BY  Dana Chis, Lavinia Botirca  (UK)

Dana’s work has been concentrating around the technological advancements around the world and how it affects day to day life. The first short animation that she has created ‘One New Notification’ has been a stepping ladder into the world of animation as it has given her a voice and purpose towards an issue faced by the society she lives in. She believes in detail but also simplicity, through well-established shots and highly articulated messages with meaning and story, aiming at a higher purpose. Lavinia’s previous work in film was always drawn to activism, tackling environmental matters as well as issues that society faces nowadays. More recently, Lavinia started identifying herself as a multimedia designer, by moving towards the world of animation, the ‘One New Notification’ short film being the starting point on this journey. She describes herself as a curious and energetic artist, always looking for challenges. Moving forward, she wants to create visual work that inspires people through its beauty, simplicity and cleverness.