Ode to Concrete is an experimental project that starts from the use of concrete in architecture to distance oneself from it to the extreme. The variety of uses, the charm of the texture and the elegance of the shapes surrounded by sunlight and the blue of the sky. Focusing on the strictly visual aspect, even something as practical as a concrete building becomes a purely abstract form. The music, the movements and the loss of references take us for a few minutes on an unprecedented sensory journey.

BY  Andrea Colzani (IT)

Born in a small lake village not far from Milan and Switzerland and always eager to express himself through moving images. After a degree in humanities communication, I live one of the most important life experiences by spending six months in Australia. I return to Italy to attend the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti, a school of cinema, TV and new media. With other school friends I form a cultural association to help young people enter the audio-visual market. I have been working in this sector for two years. My experiences have been mainly in production and as assistant director: from low budget to big productions in contact with celebrities. However, I have not abandoned personal creative research.