‘Pandemic glissandi’ comes as a creative response to a period of sustained lockdowns and limited – if at all – opportunities for group physical/social activities and live music. A self-generative algorithm running on the artist’s server (anulios.space) produces four ever-modulated sine waves that slowly manoeuvre the stereophonic field and glide across a frequency continuum. Modulations are directed employing true random numbers – rather than the pseudo-random ones that are typically used in other algorithmic music scenaria – that are calculated from atmospheric noise and retrieved in real time.

BY  Marinos Koutsomichalis (GR)

Marinos Koutsomichalis is an artist, scholar and creative technologist. His practice is hybrid, nomadic, and ethnographic, involving field-work, creative coding, critical theory, making, lecturing, live performance, workshopping, artist/research residencies, ‘Doing- It-With-Others’, and hands-on experimentation with materials and technologies of all sorts. He has hitherto publicly presented his work, pursued projects, led workshops, and held talks worldwide more than 250 times and in all sorts of milieux: from leading museums, acclaimed biennales, and concert halls, to churches, industrial sites, and underground venues. He has held teaching and research positions in various academic institutions in Greece, Italy, Norway, and the U.K., has published a book and numerous academic/scientific articles, and is currently a Lecturer in Creative Multimedia at the Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol, CY) where he co-directs the Media Arts and Design Research Lab.