12000 years ago in South America, a boy named Quma aspired to become a hunter.
Experience the first steps in his spiritual awakening as a journey alone in the wild changed
his perspective forever!

BY  Ivan Stur Javier I Luna Crook (AR)

Ivan Stur was born in Paraná, Entre Rios. He studied Audiovisual Design at U.B.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started working in the animation industry in 2008, developing art and animation for videogames. In 2011 he co-founded Tamandua Studio with Javier I. Luna Crook and their first shortfilm is "Quma and the Beasts". Javier I. Luna Crook is an Animation Producer and Teacher. He focused his career in the relation between nature conservation and animated content for children involving different formats and technics (shortfilms, series, apps).He is also in the development of “My other Son”, a multimedia project based on a book about child acceptance and down sindrome where he works as Asociated Producer and Animation Director.