Here you are SCUM, caged creature. Your gaze wavers inside the rage of our time. Your scream testifies to an individual and societal wound, a traumatic memory of our condition to overthrow. Your gesture, survival drive, questions our visceral link to violence. SCUM, in your silicon hands young germs are growing and mutating. The film puts in light the issue of both personal and collective trauma through the author‘s embodied testimony within a young generation facing a paradigm shift as the same time of an authoritarian rise. The film, as an experience of struggle, questions our spectator place and invites us to everturn our crystallized conditions, wherever we are.

BY  Ov Ov (FR)

Borned in 1992, Ov is an artist and activist from french zones of turbulence and screens. Ov is trained in augmented performance at Hight School of Arts HEAR of Strasbourg (France), in filmmaking at WITS University of Johannesburg (South Africa) and in digital creation at Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains (France). Their hybrid practice is embodied, poetic and manifest, connecting science-fiction, documentary and concrete action. Through a radical and (trans)feminist point of view, it questions normativity and representation, otherness and cyber-humanism, (bio)power and control, our alienations and our resistances inside the ecological [technological and social] ongoing mutations. Their artworks are acts of alert, defiance and empowerment.