My grandmother was a kind of family historian, and I was sad when I learned the box of photographs she kept in the attic had been thrown out. Decades of family memories. Today, the “Cloud” stores our photos. I had wondered what would happen, after decades of being digitally stored and rewritten, how they would look after the accumulation of the digital debris that sometimes enters the code. Here is my “selfie” – as I imagine it in about a hundred years in the future, when I am long gone.

BY  Paul Beaudoin (US/EE)

Paul Beaudoin is a globally recognized interdisciplinary artist. Whether working with paint, sound, text, or video, Paul creates large colour fields infused by line-making that weaves in, out, and under the canvas. Much of his recent work concerns the concept of memory –human or technological. Paul frequently relies on the “glitch aesthetic” as a way to find the beauty and subversive in art Originally from Miami, FL (USA), Paul lived most of his professional life in Boston, MA. In 2018 he permanently relocated to Tallinn, Estonia, where he resides in a seaside fishing village formerly under Soviet control.