In the increasingly digitalized world we live in, the metaverse can now create the reality of our lives. How will transhumanism affect the continuation of the human race? The Holy Temple offers one possible scenario to this question. A temple where babies are produced in a future where the continuation of humanity is considered sacred. What do you think, very impossible, right? In direct proportion to the “FutuRetro” theme by Adaf, “The Holy Temple” aims to emphasize the future reality of humanity’s idea of reaching a better and more beautiful life with technology. Referring to the Altered Carbon Series, the work portrays a blessed future scenario in which humans reproduce/reproduce over and over again. The artwork -2952*2952 pixels- has been created using the Cinema 4D program in 2022.

BY  Ä°rem Ă‡oban (TR)

Irem Çoban (b. 1986) opted to take her Bachelor’s Degree at 1st rank and completed a Master’s Degree in Cinema at Galatasaray University at İstanbul, Turkey. As a digital artist, she has participated in group exhibitions, festivals in various countries such as the USA, Japan, UK, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey. In the Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies exhibition organized by Primo Piano LivingGallery in Italy, she was awarded the best technical practice award for her video “Tell me my future”. Her short film “Hear”, which experimentally handles the story of a child bride, has been selected for the official screening selections of various international film and art festivals. She is one of the 7 resident artists of Immensiva 2022 which is a project to create projects and prototypes with inter-disciplinary teams using advanced technologies: XR, AI, scanners, sensors, holograms etc. by Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture.