The CityAsAHouse is an interactive installation built around the theme of sokuseki
meaning improvised, instant, ad-lib. Vast amounts of pictures, sounds, videos and
3d-scans are organized as environments in a form of a visual novel and used by the
artist as stimuli triggering recollection and thus allowing her to compose an
impromptu narrative.

Rebi Merlic’s work is about being at home without being bounded. As a speculative
exploration of the possibilities of abolishing known forms of habitation understood
as an attempt to possess certain amount of private space, it suggests appreciating
the limitless forms of comfort abundantly available in the contemporary metropolis.
The transient qualities of such state of being are foregrounded by the contrast
between saturated multimedia landscapes and presence of the artist herself, making
it clear, that human experience can not be shared no matter the amounts and
sophistication of representational material.

BY  Rebecca Merlic (AT)