The more we engage with artificial realities, the more meanings get constructed by our perception. As our minds are accustomed to discrete representations of objects, they get confused by continuously generated morphings between visually indeterminate imagery. This way Artificial Intelligence fills in the gaps between visual concepts and it reminds us of the subconscious and free-flowing dreams.

The work was created by training a Generative Adversarial Network on a collection of several thousand photographs presenting various cities at night. It explores how visual concepts disintegrate and come into focus during the latent space traversal of the machine learning models. Ubiquitous spaces evoke a feeling of longing and nostalgia and are a metaphor for our solitary journeys into the inner self.

BY  Ivona Tau (LT)

Ivona Tau is an interdisciplinary artist who works with artificial intelligence as a medium in visual arts. A core element of her work lies in the intersection of photography with machine learning. Her main focus is exploring the notion of fragmented memories and subjective world interpretations. Ivona has been awarded the best award in the Digital Ars 2020 contest dedicated to art creation with AI. Her work has been exhibited in Frankfurt, New York, Miami, Singapore, Beijing, Warsaw and Johannesburg.