This film paints a portrait of a steel factory soon to be demolished, eaten away by the absence of activity, out of sight. A cinematographic poem that takes the time to x-ray the places and the men who populated them, as a farewell. An elegy prolonging the past, creating a living matter that resists time and oblivion, in a space that is no longer quite real. A film by Maxime Coton, with pictures from Miléna Trivier.

Mathilde Lacroix : music
Maxime Coton : field recording, text and voice.

BY  Maxime Coton (BE)

Maxime Coton (1986) is a writer and media artist living and working in Brussels. For his videos and books, he has won several awards in Belgium and abroad. His multidisciplinary approach naturally led him to create transmedia environments, in which he explores interactivity. In his artistic work he aims to find balance between poetic and political topics.