How we experience our role models is a subjective matter. But we all imitate, determine who’s not right for us and who could be. It’s a chaotic ride full of
frustration and anger about the lack of diversity. In the end, we realize it was the search for ourselves all along. Tormento shows that the subjective emotions are mirroring what happens in society. It was the experiment to look at the lack of diversity from a different perspective. Emotional, fast, humorous, but also sensitive. The animation wants to emphasize the importance of diverse role models. This all came together as a music video for Berlin based band Nunofyrbeeswax.

Maren Sosada is a Nuremberg based animator and communication designer. In 2020 she graduated from Faculty of Design Würzburg, where she learned to combine her love for music and storytelling with her fascination with everything that’s funny and uncomfortable. After her exchange semester at Shih Chien University Taipei in 2018, she specialized in frame-by-frame animation. Maren is always searching for new stories that long to be told in an uncommon way with the right amount of weirdness.