Toroid is an experimental audio-reactive animation work that demonstrates the possibilities of harnessing digital waveforms of electronic origin into a continual source of power. By making the invisible visible, the work bears similarity and inspiration from the extensive quantum energy research at CERN which seeks to uncover and control the particles in and around us. In this era of over-production and over-algorithmic data illusion of choices, Toroid inserts itself in the digital narrative as a power source simulation showing a possibility for ensuring a positive flow of eternal (renewable) energy working in parallel with the natural order.

BY  Patrick Doan (DE)

Patrick Doan is a graphic artist living in Berlin, working mainly in the music and events industry. Under the Defasten project name, he has created content in the fields of film and documentary, music video, dance, club and gallery events, live audio/visual concerts. With a deep interest in geometric abstraction and evolving digital aesthetics, his work exists at the intersection of visual design, electronic music, science and technology, and architecture. Currently his interest is in real-time 3D imaging for live performance and has also a regular collaboration with the Japanese electronic composer Yu Miyashita / Yaporigami (BRDG Tokyo, Detroit Underground, Virgin Babylon Records, The Collection Artaud).