Untitled_Ai Sato low

“Untitled” is a part of series of Digital Drawing I have been creating over the years: The fragment of daily encounter and impression, including impression of nature, sounds, found objects, etc are the source of the creation. Surroundings in Latin America are very colorful and vivid, and often become the resource of the creation of my artwork. The base image for this work is the photos of the flowers and nature found in Guatemala. Re-shaping and re-arrangement of the objects is somewhat bizarre and fascinating experience: it is inspiring process to use a piece or element of an object without being necessarily loyal to the original images, and using it sometimes in a very unexpected way to create new abstruct reality.

BY  Ai Sato (JP)

Ai Sato: Born in Japan, studied in New York, lived and worked in Amsterdam, NL, currently living in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico. The series of digital drawings were executed from visual archive of the collective memory from life: processing memorable images, color, or impression, layering and assembling the images until the moment that start to visually making sense or feel the impression from image has altered into the one with depth and having its own life. The urge for creation is to unleash the invisible, revealing the inner unknown vision to some tangible form, which transcends the boundaries of the figurative.