The way that we taver has radically changed in the last decade. New technologies and WEB 2.0 have reformed the travelling experience, giving the chance of faster transportation, easier and cheaper. On what cost though? More and more, touring destinations suffer from over tourism while there are also environmental side effects of huge impact ,while most people deny to change their lifestyle.

Based on a speculative scenario the piece Untravel is a online application/travel agency that offers the possibility to anyone to travel on the map, from the comfort of their own house. Using special technology as well as a local host, the travellers can experience their destination in real time, visit places, and buy memorabilia while they are sitting on the comfort of their own desk.

BY  Aimilia Liontou (GR)

Aimilia Liontou was born in 1991 in Athens Greece. She lives and works between Athens and Linz Austria. She is a graduate from the fine art department of Athens Fine Art School and recently achieved a masters degree in Time-based Media from Kunstuniversitat Linz. She has also studied Intermedia BFA (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts) and Space Strategies MA (Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee) under the framework of Erasmus program.She has been a member of project space Circuits and Currents (2014- 2016). In 2018 she was nominated for the award Kunstpreis LENTOS Freunde. Her work explores how some circumstances can change the perception of space and their possible impact on a person and its personality. She is an interdisciplinary artist who combines artistic practice and research. Her work has been presented both in Greece and abroad.