A young, indefatigable office worker deals with an overwhelming workload. After all, he faints and falls beside a pile of trash on the street and accidentally meets a lazy, alcoholic street child who is living in the pile of trash. They stare at each other. The film raises a question: which one exactly do we drink? Coffee or caffeine, whisky or alcohol?

BY  Ng Kai Soong (MY)

Ng Kai was born in 1997, in Malaysia. He went to Taiwan in 2017 and attended NTUA (Taiwan University of Art), where he studied Multimedia and Animation Arts and and he now is a new graduate.I He prefers making Shōnen manga, which is a japanese comic genre that is aimed at young men aged between 18~30. Ng Kai mostly works on his own and focuses on social problems and ironic topics. His art style is realism.