Would Homo-sapiens become obsolete? All living organisms are in constant evolution. This was defined by Charles Darwin in his theory of the evolution of species, and this evolution carries a share of randomness and variation. With the upsurge of nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and cognitive science, new anthropological narratives appear redesigning the shapes of a human being fixed, transformed or even enhanced . Homo sapiens can now manipulate his DNA, transgress natural selection and eliminate the element of chance. Vision of a better world or an apocalyptic world?

BY  Adeline Charneau (FR)

Adeline CHARNEAU is a French artist, Graduated in plastic arts, contemporary practices and creations , in aesthetics and art sciences and graphic design, she also graduated in educational sciences, educational neurosciences and educational engineering . Her works can be defined as minimalist, geometric, symbolic, philosophical but also political. All along her artistic works, she questions anthropological narratives and proposes to develop critical thinking about the human condition. Adeline CHARNEAU wants to emphasize a common characteristic of the world that transcends all living beings: the flows of then considered as beauty and vital energies. The only way for a human being to adapt to his environment is by understanding and accepting his humanity and his interconnection with others and with Nature.