What is that entity that reigns behind the myriad of masks that makes up this world? Is this the ultimate observer? The one which is in every single being – and yet is just one being – or just … one.And what is the role of technology? Is it another mask or the tool to train our brain and find the ultimate observer within us? The artwork “Formless” is a reflection (at best) of this intrinsic nature, this formless entity. The artwork has two of the masks of this world immersed in this reality, looking at each other in an act of contemplation. A ring of separation keeps them differentiated from one another. Yet, the eyes that look through these masks are but one single connected being. And this being, through these various masks, is looking at itself.

BY  George Bogiatzidis Fabin Rasheed (GR)

Fabin Rasheed is an Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist working at the intersection of Creativity and Technology. Fabin's works revolve around philosophy, spirituality and using technology to augment creativity. His works span technology like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Gestures, Voice, Generative arts etc. His works have been exhibited at multiple international venues and he holds multiple patents and publications in the areas of creativity and technology. George Boya is a Greece-based freelance digital collage artist and illustrator. He studied Interior Design, Art Conservation & Restoration.His artworks blur the lines between collage, painting, stained glass techniques and photography.He visually deconstruct[s] parts of the real world that we normally think of as stable in order to create a new surreal collage composition.He participated in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad,collaborated with theatrical productions and made publications in various magazines.