Antilight is an action shooter audio game. It also belongs to the accessibility games genre since blind or visually impaired people can play it.

The player is a rookie who is called upon the task to fend off an alien invasion on the dark side of the moon. Use your armored tank, the echolocation system and your laser cannon to avoid and eliminate the aliens in complete darkness. Your only ally is your hearing. The lack of useful visual stimuli combined with the atmospheric sounds incorporated in the game, produces an eerie and uncanny experience, while making the game accessible to even more people.

The festival is not responsible in case of damage caused by or during the installation of the game, as well as in case of the presence of a virus in the file associated with the game after its installation.

BY  2Weeks Games (GR)

The 2Weeks Games team was created in late 2021 by three friends in Thessaloniki, Greece, who decided to work together and share their passion for video games: Isidoros Tsoulkas (Game Developer), Vangelis Pappas (Game Designer, Sound Engineer) and Aristotelis Mavropoulos a.k.a Mars Blackbird (Art Designer). Since then, the 2Weeks team participated in many Game Jams getting a distinction in the international Game Jam DeepWell DTX + Global Game Jam - May Day Mental Health Jam"" in May 2022. The shared dream of the 2Weeks team is to become a competitive game developer company in Greece, creating unique and fun games for everyone