Closed window is my graduation film from the School of Cinema and Television Lykourgos Stavrakos. The storyline of this short film is about a girl, Anna, who we never see and hear what happened to her. Alexia is trying to reach Anna with no results. The narration of the film evolves in an inner perspective of the main hero where the viewer cannot see through Alexia and answer the dilemma of whether Anna is a real person or a passed away friend.

BY  Eumorphia K. Katsikosta (GR)

Eumorphia K. Katsikosta is a film director mostly based in Athens. Having studied Sociology and Film Directing, she has worked in production positions, for theatrical as well as film festivals in Greece and other countries. She has also acquired experience while working in a variety of positions for several films. She is currently in pre-production for her short film and is also involved in other projects.