In this short video, we discover the coronavirus like no one has ever seen it. As you can see, it is quite active and polymorphic. It transforms and produces sounds according to its state. No wonder it afflicts so many different symptoms on our bodies.

BY  Frederic Durieu and Nathalie Erin  (FR)

The work of Frédéric Durieu & Nathalie Erin surprises those who discover it and delight those who know it, both in terms of diversity, originality, but above all in their unique technique and poetry. They have developed a method that makes it possible to create works of a new kind that characterizes them. Each painting is an image stop, which responded with the camera or sound and thus tells a story or deals with a subject that is important to them: Nature, femininity, Humanity, humor... Each painting has a purpose and exists. They each have several levels of vision, from near, within, hidden treasures, personal interpretations. Frédéric Durieu, a polytechnic, and artist, writes his programs. He has been using algorithmic poetry to create works of art for almost 30 years. Nathalie Erin, artist, musician, and singer, is very sensitive to the world around her. Today, they form a complete duet of artists and create their works together.