Demarcation of a Dream is a meditation on perspective, shapes, and landscape. A journey into nature becomes a vague voyage of exploration. Where will we arrive in and what for? Mountains lose their contours and they change by observing. We are pilgrims of the void. In a landscape of understanding. Our concept of a sustainable world is a dream, a dream that is the only left to believe. Shot in the area of Northern Bohemia, Demarcation of a Dream reflects the context of a stunning landscape damaged by a man by mining and chemical industry. Although the land has suffered tremendously it continues to make the viewer wonder, it stands calm and somehow detached and independent from any human follies. The video is an observation of its past and future at the same time as the landscape is forever changing on its own. By looking at it the viewer and the observed mutually transform. The work offers a personal statement on the ecological topic and suggests an intimate relation to the surrounding of man.

BY  Lea Petrikova (CZ)

Lea Petrikova is a visual artist and filmmaker. She graduated from FAMU and AAAD, both Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2017 she has been a Ph.D. Candidate at FAMU. While working predominantly with moving image, Petrikova’s works have been screened and exhibited regularly at festivals, such as Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (UK), ADAF (GR), Marienbad Film Festival (CZ). She has also participated in group and solo exhibitions, such as A Girl Named Sandoz, Pragovka Gallery (CZ). In 2016 she received the Special Jury Award at MADATAC 07 Festival in Madrid and the Main Prize at ZlatýVoči Festival, Prague.