Blended hybrids, organic and cyber space Cells into pixels/Wires into veins/Pumps and inflatable hearts/HDRI hold hands with the Sun. A sharp piercing eye sees through the idea and a word mourns its reliability. in an inner, outer and parallel reality, a well connected system can preserve the electrocution by the leak of unwanted liquids. -The boundaries between human- and cyber-, blurred by the electromagnetic waves of the infinite possibility give birth to multiple projections simultaneously on material and immaterial world. In this in-between reality, digital signals redefine the fragmentations of an action that has passed and a software simulates an arcadian field.

BY  Marios Leokratis, Zoe Antypa Marios Leokratis, Zoe Antypa (GR)

Marios Leokratis is a senior student at the Department of Film, School of Fine Arts at AUTH. Influenced by experimental cinema and video games, constructs abstract images, animations, virtual environments and short films that approach social issues. He uses New Media as tools for creating space for social change. His thesis research focuses on how Virtual Reality contributes to Gender and Sexuality discourse. Zoe Antypa graduated from the Department of Visual and Applied Arts at the University of Western Macedonia. Main media of her work are performance art, video and written word. The core of her work consists of identity and the ways it is formed through different factors within different socio-political fields and contexts. Through the notion of fluidity and processes of transformation, she develops a poetic approach to how identity develops through external influences from society, as well as from our inner tendencies. Her research is a deep dive into practices of identity construction, and through ironic and seriocomic events of role alternation examines the performativities that mark our bodies from early on in our lives, even before our birth.