An abstract movie about the relentless cycle of life, including growth and decay, wonder and awe. This film explores the idea that contemporary urban cityscapes are replacing the natural environment -for example skyscrapers and buildings have taken the place of mountains- and that man has been very successful in taming nature, for good and bad. Woven into this are imaginary images suggesting that there may be more to reality than what is perceived through our senses. The question in the film is: What is true? What can we believe? What lies behind what we see?

BY  Patrick Jenkins (CA)

Patrick Jenkins is an award winning artist, animator and documentary filmmaker. His latest film “The Museum of Lost Dreams” was completed in 2019. His 2016 film “Phantom City” has been shown in Film Festivals all over the world. He was a Special Guest Filmmaker at: the 2013 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia; the 2012 London International Animation Festival, London, U.K.; and in 2011 at Anima VI, the Córdoba International Animation Festival, in Córdoba, Argentina; screening his movies and conducting workshops in animation.