This video constitutes an experiment, testing digital toolsets for a potential capacity to generate conceptual statements. It was conceived as an introduction/epigraph/teaser for my diploma thesis, exploring a question of how construction of space in the digital age can either liberate or rather succumb to propaganda? This work sees architecture as a mediator between the physical and the virtual, focusing on the human being as a transformation subject from “homo sapiens” or “ludens” towards a so-called “homo separatio”

BY  Kubakub Kubakub ()

My name is Kuba and I’m an 27 years old speculative architect to be from Vienna with a strong interest in motion and sound-design. Through my education and my spare time, the virtual environment became more and more to my playground of expressing my everyday self, through the method of storytelling. Since I started shifting my focus from the natural habitat (built environment) to the virtual space, my working area shifted too or let’s say mixed up pretty well. Since I believe that the film industry will play a major role in the design process of architecture and in the way its being communicated, I started diving into various of cgi and vfx worlds, with the hope of exploring continuous space-discovering challenges. As Hans Hollein already said ‘everything is architecture’, I evermore saw architectonic methods in my self-induced digital art journeys.