Sound-beat I is modern work which aims to create ‘a portrait’ of a sound, and not just a sound, but the one of a beat of jazz. That’s why the inner dynamic of the work is quite essential here. The composition of the work also visually recreates the mode of a jazz, not only with its syncopes, but mostly with the main sensation of jazz as it is understood by Inna, its suddenness. Suddenness is a character and gift of jazz, and the artist aimed to portray it in her work. Coloristic-wise, the work is created in cold colours, echoing the coolness of jazz. Importantly, none of the colors used by Inna is presented in the work in a direct way. Each of them has a number of shades ( there are five different blue, four greens, three white and two yellow colours) presenting complexity, smoothness, inter-connectivity and that special sensation of jazz, that always surprising Sound-beat of it.

BY  Inna Rogatchi (FI)

Inna Rogatchi is an artist, art curator, art historian, film-maker and essayist who works intensely in the various fields of arts and culture. She is twice laureate of the Italian National Il Volo di Pegaso Arts, Literature and Music Award, recipient ( together with her husband, well-known artist Michael Rogatchi) of the New York Children’s Museum Special Award for the Outstanding Contribution into the Arts and Culture, laureate of the Patmos Foundation Solidarity Award, and other international recognitions. As an artist, she works in the genre of metaphorical poetic modern art, being often motivated in her artistic search by world culture. Inna believes in cultural heritage and in vivid dialogue with the giants of world culture in developing the best of what a human talent has and is creating. She works in various genres, from abstract to landscape, and in different mediums. Digital art is the basis of all Inna’s artworks. Inna Rogatchi’s site -