The theme of this video and title as well as the fact that earth is infected by a virus and has to be deleted. More analytically, the video begins with a narration that tries to mimic videos on the internet that discuss the thematic of earth and its existence all with a critical point of view. It begins with the statement that earth is not a hologram and ends up at a virtual world of a computer where the earth is infected by a virus with a random video playing and multiple windows making difficult the function of this system called space. In the end, the earth is deleted successfully by the system.

BY  Mary Vossou (GR)

Mary Vossou was born in Zakynthos. She began her studies in 2015 at the faculty Plastic Arts and Art Sciences at the University of Ioannina being still a student there. In the academic year 2018 -19 she studied with the ERASMUS program at the University of Complutense in Madrid. She has participated in group exhibitions and artistic acts in the city of Ioannina as well as workshops at Τsepelovo.