Who could have guessed that this film would have been produced at all? This work was created and completed in only 48 hours, to be presented in a film contest initiated by Austin Arthouse Film Festival during the Covid-19 lockdown. The director used the contest’s premise “who could have guessed” and turned it into a question. This inquiry challenged the artist to use his camera as a tool to juxtapose a variety of different perspectives on what ultimately are ordinary objects. The result is three chapters of artwork (temporality, presence, and being) presenting a not linear perception of time and a bent vision of space.

Gianmarco Donaggio (Italy, 1991), is active as a cinematographer, director, and artist. He has got an Italian diploma in Fine Arts and a UK bachelor in film-production, with a specialization in fiction-cinematography and documentary filmmaking. He has worked on film productions for about ten years. He started by assisting in the camera/electrician department on international feature films, tv-series, commercials, documentaries, and art films. As an artist and director, his works have been awarded and exhibited worldwide. He tends to shoot his own films and his focus is on the experimental and the unseen. The works often classify as artistic researches, where the goal is not to produce but to explore. In these works Gianmarco usually bridges his technical skills with his studies in philosophy, exploring alternative ways to challenge camera technologies and developing narratives.