When we started to work on this project, we felt the need to represent Kutiman’s music with an aesthetic that was true to the soul of Saluf (the song). We treated the song as if it were a text whose essence cannot be changed. The sensations of loops in Saluf inspired us to look at daily routines that seem the same but are constantly changing and evolving, as a mantra that captures us. Little by little more layers are revealed and superimposed and, for us, the flow of the frames in the video clip are analogous to the unfolding of Saluf’s music. This is how we developed our visualization, with the intention of creating a fantasy world comprising the mosaics of our routine life.

BY  Jennifer and Deborah Cywiner  (IL)

We are sisters born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today we live in Tel Aviv. Since childhood we have passion to storytelling, first with toys, then with camera video. After we finish ours studies, Deborah go to animation, Jennifer cinema, it was a natural thing for us to decide to work together building our life project called “2 HERMANAS STUDIO”. Specialized in Animation, we are always looking for new ways to tell stories, exploring different materials and formats.