‘Swarm’ is a video project that maps human behavior in public space, exploring the concept of a swarm: the collective motion of self-propelled entities without involving central coordination. Collage blends original videos with crowdsourced YouTube videos, forming a swarm-like digital behavior of global individuals unintentionally contributing to a collective ensemble. ‘Swarm’ proposes attention to an eye that is watching, a gaze monitoring behavior in public space, but also the individual becoming anonymous when assimilated into a crowd. The work juxtaposes the human crowd with natural phenomena. Unlike these, the root cause for human swarming is cultural: architecture, ideas. ‘Swarm’ asks about an individual experience in a swarm and free will. What is it like being a single unit within a large system, and does it not conflict with the sense of personal narrative we hold? When moving in architectural spaces that direct our route, how real is our freedom of choice?

BY  Tom Reznikov (IL)

Tom Reznikov is a designer and a creator based in Tel Aviv. While fascinated and inspired by nature, her interest is in exploring societal issues related to humans and technology. She uses varied digital forms in her work: video art, digital colleagues, interaction design, and data visualization. Her work explores technology used for tracking human behaviors (such as recommendation algorithms, motion detectors, and surveillance systems in public spaces) and raises questions about our submission to these technologies, and the way they shape our private and social human lives. Tom is a graduate of the Bezalel Master’s Degree program in Industrial Design, Jerusalem.