Welcome to the Temple of Excitation and Exhaustion. Here, you will wander, experience accumulated whispered and resonant chants of speech captured over many centuries from the Humboldtian’s to the Syntaxian’s of the Valley. Both realms had/have adventurous and daring visionaries with devoted disciples. Messages are emitted from the altar, like a Tribal/Corporate leader, they blur and dissolve into excited and exhausted versions of themselves, rendering what meaning they had in their original context, impotent. At times a symbol is presented that does not explain but confuses. In our current times, there is a delirious thirst for digital technology platforms as we are groomed for technological solutions made possible through Data-science, where the language is used as a tool to hide behind much like the Scientific community of another era. We will leave it up to the viewer to decide what is timeworn and what is contemporary.

BY  alpha_testing (DE)  (UK)

alpha_testing consists of a duo based in Berlin and Athens. Together they explore where the boundaries of technology, objects, film, animation, and sound, blur and coalesce to communicate their ideas. There are no preferred materials that the Studio works with, rather, they develop the project in a medium that is appropriate to communicate the work. The pair navigate the fine lines between testing, experimenting, and proceeding, much like the alpha phase in software development. The authorship of an idea, concept, meaning, and outcome fluctuates between the duo and is integral to the Studio practice.